What Are the Benefits of Facials For My Skincare Routine?

What Are the Benefits of Facials For My Skincare Routine?

Adding facials to your skincare routine can provide various benefits, such as reduced puffiness, wrinkles, and acne scarring, even skin tone, unclogged pores, reduced blemishes, and more. They can rid the skin of toxins and improve circulation by providing the skin with oxygen, proteins, and nutrients. Facial spas can offer a calming and relaxing environment that can help reduce stress and receive personalized care. Facials can cleanse your skin and reduce signs of aging. 

How Long Do Facials Last?

The results of facials typically last for multiple weeks for most skin types. Different types of facials can provide longer or shorter-lasting results. HydraFacials last for 4-6 weeks, European Facials last for 3-4 weeks, and Dermaplaning Facials will last around 3-5 weeks. Facial treatments can be performed regularly, every three weeks to a month, to provide optimal results and keep your skin glowing. Facials typically take around 30 minutes to complete and can help patients of all skin types and tones achieve nourished and radiant skin.

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