Nutrition Response Testing

Accurate Response Testing

Nutritional response testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body and determining underlying causes of health conditions and poor health. It is a proven method for identifying and alleviating many common health issues. Accurate nutrition response testing can be followed-up with designed clinical nutrition.

Nutrition response testing is direct, reliable, precise, and consistent. It tests the body’s neurological reflexes to determine how your neurological reflexes and nervous system are doing. The tests are performed on the surface of the body, and the results can be analyzed shortly after testing.

Using the body for analysis is fast and accurate. Nutrition response testing can help you determine the best nutrition and supplement plan for your circumstances. It will provide you with results that are easy to understand and a specific, customized nutritional program to follow.

When Do I Need Nutrition Response Testing?

If you are experiencing prolonged health concerns, have received concerning or unexpected results from doctors, health conditions are affecting your life, or you are looking to find the real source of your health problem, nutrition response testing can help you. It can determine the effect that energy, or lack of energy, in certain areas is having on the body.

Nutrition response testing can identify disrupted or weak energy flows with a full body scan. Weak energy levels and muscle responses can be negatively affecting your health. It can indicate underlying stress or dysfunction in the affected area. Nutrition response testing can help you identify your needs and determine how well your current program and routine are working. It can help you bring balance to your life and improve your health.

Patients who adhere to their recommended nutritional program tend to experience the best results. They will commonly see results within 4-6 weeks after starting their programs. Nutrition response testing can help you determine the best nutritional program for your needs.

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