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Facials are customized for each patient to help them achieve their goals and the best results possible. They can help people improve the appearance and health of their skin. Facials can make your skin glow and leave you feeling feel refreshed and satisfied.

Receiving facials consistently and regularly is an effective supplement to skincare routines. Facials can also be a treat that is received every once in a while to refresh and brighten your skin. The staff at Aura Health & Spa will work with you to provide the most comfortable, relaxing, and valuable experience possible.

Generally, facials last around four to six weeks for most skin types. Although the effects of a facial can be noticed immediately after the procedure, proper skincare following the facial can enhance the results. Regular treatments with follow-up care can provide more radiant-looking skin, long-term anti-aging benefits, and decreased puffiness.

Multiple Facial Types

Aura HydraFacials provide deep penetration and long-lasting results. They can target concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, acne, dark spots, pigmentation, and more. HydraFacials provide a deep cleanse to soften and hydrate the skin and remove congestion from pores and dead skin cells.

European Facials provide thorough and deep cleansing and moisturizing for the face and neck. They include ultra-relaxing massages to calm the skin and help you relax both physically and mentally. European facials are highly-customizable and allow for certain products and techniques that meet your specific skin needs to be used.

Dermaplaning Facials are skin treatments that skim dead skin cells and hair from the face to reveal your smooth, youthful, and radiant skin. Dermaplaning facials shave the outer layer of the skin to reduce skin imperfections and reveal your younger skin. They are painless, safe, quick, and effective treatments.

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