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Lead Holistic Practitioner and Co-Founder

Dr Kallil Kazan grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and completed his Bachelor of Science at University of Detroit, Mercy in 1997. Dr Kazan graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, Missouri in August, 2000. He specializes in advanced nutritional care by using all natural methods to help patients attain a better quality of life naturally.

Since the beginning of Dr. Kazan’s career in 2000, he has always believed the only way to real health, healing, and wellness is through natural methods. With proper diet and exercise, the body systems can function correctly. Today we are faced with growing concerns about the quality of our environment. Our food sources, air, and water qualities have become so tainted that sickness and disease have become the norm in our society. The recent Dark Act passed by your government now does not require food companies to label GMO products. In 2010 after searching for more than ten years for natural health remedies that would make people genuinely healthy, Dr. Kazan discovered Nutrition Response Testing.

The success was immediate, using Nutrition Response Testing℠ real food, whole food supplements, and traditional chiropractic he finally started getting the results he’d knew was possible. Patients began attaining stable health improvements that lasted. Where Chiropractic alone couldn’t handle every health challenge paired with Nutrition Response Testing, he was now able to help people achieve Total Health Restoration.

As a trained Advanced Clinical Nutrition Practitioner, he will be able to reach out to many in his community with valuable information on living a naturally healthy lifestyle. The Nervous System ultimately controls all the organ systems of the body down to the cellular level. Dr. Kazan uses the most advanced techniques available such as HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Nutrition Response Testing®, and Designed Clinical Nutrition®. Monitoring a patient’s progress through this technology and the close supervision of a patient’s daily food intake will allow patients to live an optimum lifestyle.

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